Week 3 – DEEP FAkes, Do they listen?

The article this week that I found both fascinating and outright strange, is this one – the title basically tells it all:

Dating apps need women. Advertisers need diversity. AI companies offer a solution: Fake people

So yes, increasingly dating apps are popping up the game with fake pictures generated to give a diverse “menu”. Mankind….auw…!

The next topic is about a long time urban legend. I guess most of us has witnessed the power of the algorithms of the likes of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn…but do they actually listen from time to time on our phones microphones without our permission?

Facebook isn’t secretly listening to your conversations, but the truth is much more disturbing

Facebook’s Not Listening Through Your Phone. It Doesn’t Have To

Danish media station, DR, did a test (in danish, sorry): Vandrehistorien, der ikke vil dø: Vil fem dages hundesnak få telefonen til at vise hundereklamer?

The sum if it is: No, there were no evidence that it actually happens – but: they are doing pretty well in their predictions without.

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