Week 2 – Startups, the Bay Area and a little programming

Last year my family and I went across the US for more than two months and saw many parts of the country. We spend some time in California and the Bay area (=Silicon Valley) and has ever since been following along on things going on…

Exploding housing costs

Housing costs has exploded severely in the Bay Area and especially in San Francisco being the home of several startups and some of the bigger tech-companies like SalesForce and Uber. Azucena Rasilla posts a funny, yet frightening piece every month with the the sketchiest Bay Area apartments you can rent this month….
The Sketchiest Bay Area Apartments You Can Rent in January


You cannot say Bay Area without addressing startups! As venture capital is running loose in Silicon Valley, there’s obviously a many of them that fails – some more dramatically than others:

Biggest Startup Failure in History (the story of WeWork)
I can recommend to follow Zara Stone, who has a series every month with The Weirdest Shit to Come Out of Silicon Valley in <month>… 🙂

Programming and APIs

We’ve been talking REST APIs for many years now and I honestly always struggled a lot inside my head with the complexity of these sets of APIs as soon as it started to grow bigger and with many types of data. GraphQL tries to solve this by introducing the capabilities to use just one single endpoint and simplifying the structure of formatting quite dramatically:

GraphQL vs. REST API Architecture

Oh and by the way. I’ve also struggled with this term of “full stack developer” and never actually found it adequate to cover all the stuff to expect from a good all round developer. I’m not alone…

Full Stack Pronounced Dead

His main point is that we should work as teams and mentor each other since no-one can know everything: applause!

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