Week 1.1 – Google, AI ethics, time travel and containers

Technically we are still in week 1, so I guess I’m off to a great start with even two posts in the first week!


Starting off with a glory vision statement of indexing the wealth of information available in the world, Google is now – according to many insiders – not as don’t be evil, as they started off to be. Working in a big (American) company, I always find it quite interesting to read stuff from competitors with employees breaking out….

I Was Google’s Head of International Relations. Here’s Why I Left.

And Google are really severely challenged on some of the flagship / moonshot projects they are working on:

Google’s Partner Company Just Unveiled Its Controversial ‘Smart City’ for Toronto. It Raises Alarm Bells About Privacy

Google is close to having a dominate position on the “free Internet”. You know, with freedom of speech, free mail, search and all that….interesting perspectives raised by an open source developer and why it’s fundamental for developers to continuously stay “good friends” with Google:

Google’s Monopoly is Stifling Free Software

Bias in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Speaking about some of the problems originating from Google and other companies with extensive initiatives in AI and machine learning: Johanna Fyrvald from Uppsala University in Sweden, has done some interesting interviews and conclusions in her Master thesis with the title “Mitigating algorithmic bias in Artificial Intelligence systems“. David Sumpter did a write-up on Medium in “How practitioners and academics think (and then forget) about fairness when building AI systems“. It struck me how laissez-faire (and I’m not sure this is the right expression to use here) many of these AI engineers apparently are in their responses on clear ethical issues in the models. Some of them apparently just relies on public / governmental regulations before changing behavior. Damn…mankind is challenged!


I use Docker almost every day on my laptop. I stumbled on this excellent write-up on keeping your Docker-installation somewhat clean:

Docker Tips: Clean Up Your Local Machine

Time travel

I happen to have a good friend within academia with whom I’ve discussed “time” and physics before. Yes, it happened after a few beers (!). Now, this “time”-phenomena is obviously quite critical whenever scientists start discussing whether time travel is actually possible. It probably isn’t, but Ron Mallett is probably one of the guys working most seriously on this, from a scientific point of view….and yet he receives quite a lot of criticism.

Meet the scientist trying to travel back in time
Where Are All The Time Travelers?
Not to be forgotten in this context: Stephen Hawkings time traveler party…where no one showed up 🙂

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