Week 1 – Spies, blockchain identity and wifi calling

This is my first post as part of my new years resolution for 2020 to post at least once a week. I don’t know where this will end, but my intention is to write about some of the things I come across during the week that I find particular interesting. It will be within technology, history, science etc.

Illegals program

My wife and I are currently watching The Americans on Netflix. I was stunned when I started reading some of the cases from recent history that served as inspiration for the show:
Illegals Program
The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies
Their Russian-spy parents were fake Americans. Now they want to be real Canadians.
Our parents, the Russian spies

Hyperledger Indy

I’m considering to collaborate in some open source activities in 2020 and the ideas being pursued in Hyperledger Indy is really interesting. An overarching identity management solution with the capability to only hand over the necessary privacy info as part of the credential verification process. Take a look at this walkthrough.

WIFI Calling and VoLTE calling

I have Telenor as cell-provider and the 4G / LTE coverage is poor where we live. Telenor has provided WIFI Calling for a long time, but only on a limited set of approved phones and my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is not on the list. I saw on XDA-Developers that you could disable the carrier check of the function and it actually activated VoLTE calling (“high quality calling on 4G”), but unfortunately not WIFI calling.

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