Week 7 – Java Microservices, Startup hype, CHESS

I’ve been having some time off this week and while I’ve obviously spend significant time reading stuff, I – for once – left my laptop at home and spend some time with family and friends. I slipped blogging a week, but live with it…..

Java microservices

When developing micro services in Java for container-deployments, I’ve so far only been using WebSphere Application Server Liberty. Partly because I work for IBM and secondly because I cannot argue against my background where I did a lot of WebSphere-stuff in the past.

Startup-times and memory foot print has always been a challenge in the Java-world. In the days of app-servers this overhead was not really an issue, but given that we now deploy multiple app-servers as small “independent sandboxes”, the overhead obviously can become quite significant.
Java is still extremely popular and a lot of things are happening in this space to things run faster and more efficient in a containerized world. Quarkus is an extremely interesting project and Spring Boot keeps evolving. But how do they actually compare in performance and footprint?
Which Java Microservice Framework Should You Choose in 2020?

Startup Hype

As you might noticed, I tend to be quite critical towards hype in the “startup space” and insane valuations with following capital injections that was maybe more suitable for a parallel dimension.
WeWork is yet another strange example where investors completely neglected to accept that there’s a difference between “just” building a digital-platform-insignificant-cost-for-additional-users-with-network-effects and brick-and-mortar business that relies on real buildings, furniture and stuff.
The WeWork Debacle Is a Symptom of a Much Larger Problem

The Weirdest Shit to Come Out of Silicon Valley in Januarydo check out the Doggy Dryer (!)


One of the things I would like to start playing even more is chess. I play sometimes with my son and on the iPad against an artificial intelligence. I’ve always found the game fascinating. Scientists as well.
Evolution in chess-computers and algorithms has been evolving in the last years:
How Computers Are Reinventing Chess

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